SeeSquared is a digital content creation firm co-founded by Christina Sturdivant Sani and Camielle Lawson-Livingstone, who have a collective 18 years of experience writing and editing for print and online magazines, newspapers, and blogs. 


As a boutique firm, we're able to work closely with our clients to create content that speaks effectively to their brands' mission, voice, and target audience. In our writing and editing, we value authenticity, accuracy, and cultural sensitivity. 


We're well-equipped to serve and happy to welcome clients from all backgrounds. However, we cater to Black women. Check out our mission statement to find out why. 

Mission Statement

While the number of Black-women owned brands is outpacing the growth of white-women owned companies, statistics show that we are behind in annual revenue and fundraising dollars. 




​“The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”

- Malcolm X 

This financial gap is due to several reasons—many of them stemming from racist and sexist practices that proliferate the business world. We believe that one way to combat bias against Black women-owned firms is to sharpen the way we present ourselves—in our case, through written content. Because let’s face it, people are petty, and poorly written content—from a misspelled word to a wayward comma—can undermine a brand’s credibility, tarnish its reputation, and confuse its messaging. That's why we chose to use our experience as writers, editors, and content creators to help rewrite the narrative for Black women, one brand at a time. - Christina & Camielle 

Meet The Bosses 

Christina Sturdivant Sani

Editor & Co-founder of SeeSquared.

Mother. Wife. Journalist.

Podcast junkie. Mental health advocate.

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SeeSquared Editor and Co-Founder Christina Sturdivant Sani is best known as a prolific journalist who’s contributed to nearly two dozen publications including The Washington Post Magazine, The Atlantic’s CityLab, Washington City Paper, Washingtonian Magazine, and DCist. As a social entrepreneur, Christina launched her first business at 23 years old. She now leverages both her journalism chops and business experience to conceptualize, write, and edit content for SeeSquared clients. 

Camielle Lawson-Livingstone


Managing Editor & Co-founder of SeeSquared.

Researcher. Ghostwriter.

Organization aficionado. 

Lover of family, fashion and fandoms. 

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SeeSquared Managing Editor and Co-Founder Camielle Lawson-Livingstone has more than a decade of experience in content writing for businesses and ghostwriting for niche blogs. She has a special interest in helping startups grow. Camielle is an expert researcher and productivity junkie, who has managed personal and administrative responsibilities for multiple entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar portfolios. A professional people-manager, Camielle is SeeSquared’s bridge between clients and writers.