In the spirt of empowering other Black women, we're highlighting a few dope companies

founded by ladies who inspire us. We're also blessed to call them friends. 


daphne valcin coaching

Executive and business coaching 

Daphne is a beam of light that can pierce through your most challenging moments. On many occasions, I’ve sought her career advice and left the conversation feeling much lighter than when I came. What’s more, I wasn’t just empowered mentally and emotionally, I was also equipped with actionable steps that moved me closer to my professional goals. Y'all, Daphne is the definition of a blessing. If you’re a struggling professional, you need her in your life. Period. - Christina Sturdivant Sani 

Learn more about Daphne Valcin Coaching here.

Yellow Couch

her therapy space

Therapy and counseling 

I'm honored to have watched Kristin Winchester's journey from a grad student to a licensed therapist. After launching several companies, she found her calling in Her Therapy Space. As a member of this digital wellness community, I have been supported and mentored in all facets of my life. If you need a therapist or community of support, make your way to Her Therapy Space. You’ll never look back. - Christina Sturdivant Sani 


Learn more about Her Therapy Space here.

Girl with Camera

dia kea photography


I hate taking photos. So when India approached me to participate in a photo series featuring up-and-coming people in the D.C.-area, I was flattered but also nervous. But since she’s the homie, I obliged. And I was pleasantly surprised when the photo shoot turned into me hanging out with a friend who just happened to be taking pictures of me at some of my favorite places. This speaks to India’s rare ability to put her subjects at ease. And did I mention that she takes dope photos? If you need headshots or an event photographer, India is your best bet. Christina Sturdivant Sani 

Learn more about Dia Kea Photography here.

Image by AbsolutVision

sustainable impact planning & consulting 



I had an idea for a nonprofit organization and set up what I thought would be a casual conversation with Aniyah, who had just launched Sustainable Impact. Little did I know, she was taking notes which she sent to me in a follow-up email. I was so impressed by her initiative, attention to detail, and keen understanding of my needs, that I hired her to help me start the process of setting up my organization. If you have an idea for a nonprofit or want to grow your existing organization, I highly recommend Aniyah to walk you through it.  

-Christina Sturdivant Sani 

Contact Aniyah here.

Logo Design

Your Virtual Tasks

Graphics,  web design, and virtual assistants 

I met Tracia while working on an intense client project. Working with her made it go much smoother; and eventually, our work relationship grew into an actual friendship. We were able to not only support each other, but collaborate successfully on projects for other clients.  She has been a continuous fountain of support, good ideas, and beautiful designs.

- Camielle Lawson-Livingstone

Learn more about Tracia Brown and Your Virtual Tasks here.   

Iyengar Class

Wellness Warrior 

Author, therapist 

Dr. Radisha Brown is a licensed Mental Health Therapist and Wellness
Coach who reaches clients with a warm, positive humor that is reflected in her published work.  Within a short amount of time, she has made a huge impact and I feel genuinely blessed to have met her. She is an encouraging ray of light who helps women move forward in a healthy way and address inner turmoil that affects Black women specifically. She has made it her life’s goal to help Black women adjust to healthier lifestyles and outlooks. One of her projects, the Wellness Warrior Bootcamp, is a productive and supportive weight loss community that involves a lot more than just the numbers on a scale. 

- Camielle Lawson-Livingstone

Learn more about Dr. Radisha Brown here