SeeSquared crafts engaging bios that include an overview of your expertise, a rundown of your qualifications, why you chose this career path, and how you're influencing your industry.


We can tailor bios for websites, event programs, and other needs. 

Executive Bios 

 Social Media 


To create blogging packages for clients, SeeSquared first consults with them to understand their brand goals and target audience.


Next, we help clients establish the voice for their blog and decide which types of blog posts work best for them. We currently offer more than a dozen blog post styles from how-to articles and think-pieces to profiles of team members and highlights of company services.


We then create a custom editorial calendar, and proceed to write and edit blog posts on a recurring basis. Packages range from 1 to 4 posts per week.

We also write custom social media content for most platforms.


Packages for blog posts are customizable based on clients' needs.

Blog Posts & Articles


Email templates have become a treasured hack for busy entrepreneurs. They allow brands to keep up with client communications while saving time and brainpower.


We work with brands to understand their client communications process, then create a series of emails that they can fire out as needed.

Email Templates

Having professionally written website content is crucial for establishing a reputable brand.


SeeSquared provides content for pages such as: Home, About Us, History, Products and Services, FAQs, Press, Testimonials, and more. 

Website Content

Newsletters are an awesome way to engage new and existing audiences on a consistent basis.


Whether you’re promoting a new product, announcing a sale, or giving your expert opinion, SeeSquared can create content that is clear, concise, and engaging for your readers.


Newsletter Content


Getting your brand into the media can results in instant exposure and growth for your business.


SeeSquared writes press releases notifying the media of new products or services, events, or initiatives in your pipeline.


Press Releases